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Járabánya - Băișoara

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The Milky Way

A very good friend of mine, Eduard, came with the idea to shoot the Milky Way. I never tried astrophotography except some moon shots, so I accepted the challenge. We planed a one day trip, starting at the tailing pond and copper mine near Rosia Montana and finally to Detunata near Abrud, to photograph the amazing basalt columns. We had a very good time experimenting light paintings, long exposures with mixed results. The biggest problem was, that we where a month late, because the center or the core of the Milky Way is not visible in this period, it is somewhere under the tree line. BUT nevertheless this is my best shot of the Milky Way, shot with ISO 6400 at f/4 and 25 second exposure. I learned a few things tho, ISO 6400 with 25 second exposure, even with a full frame sensor,  produced a ton of noise, so maybe shooting at ISO 3200 and boosting the exposure in RAW would give me a better result. Next time I will borrow an f/2.8 lens and take a black frame too, to counter the sensor noise. For best experience look at the image in a dark room.
-- Milky Way -- shot with ISO 6400,  f/4,  25 second exposure

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