Monday, February 20, 2017

Hoia-Baciu Forest - "The Haunted Forest"

Some say "The Haunted Forest" because of the intense paranormal activity and many unexplained events like ghost sightings, faces appearing in photographs that were not present on location, female voices breaking the silence, light balls and UFO sightings in the 70's.
Some paranormal experts sad that this forest might be a gateway to another dimension.
I'm not sure of that, but my fellow friend texted me early on Sunday to go out to find some "evidence" in the foggy forest...the strangest thing was that on the way to the forest we made a stop at a supermarket to buy 6 things ... among which where onions and some underpants.

ANYWAY ... we arrived at the location and after a nice walk we arrived in the forest in search of some UFO altered trees.
And finally we found some strange looking trees. No faces on this one :)
 ... the speed I would travel in case of some paranormal sign ...
 I looked up and down .... but nothing yet.
 Not a single face on this one too ...

... light fog unfortunately, not what we where expecting ... so no drama in this shot ...
 Some sort of gate or something
 And finally I found it ... I found something, not sure what, BUT typically the X shows a high interest point or location  in an area .... Something is there ...
Unfortunately no faces on any of my shots, no strange voices heard, nobody scratched me, no light balls and UFO's sighted, but we had a great time searching for strange looking trees, good conversations (as always), a lot of funny themes, I even had time to present the nicest bits to Eduard from the movie Predator (1987).
I am waiting for Eduard's post, maybe he discovers something more interesting than me, HERE

NO underpants were harmed in this photo session.


aeduard said...

The closest thing to an alien is on your second picture. The black thing behind the tree could be a heptapod from the Arrival movie :).

Szabi said...

Sort of ... or just a tree from the forest :)